your new training system!

You can now train and play football at home wherever you want and when you want.
Rain, wind, snow, cold, extreme heat or living in a flat will no longer be excuses!

Healthy workout

Improve your health by practicing football at home.

Improve your results

Become the best version of yourself.

Enjoy the community

Sharing is living! Play with your friends.


The FMAT is the first product developed by FUNTRASYS. It is a functional mat that aims to be a complementary tool so that players can do exercises to improve technique, but also to improve physical condition, reflexes, coordination and/or carry out rehabilitation exercises, whether they live in a house or in a flat. Being able to improve your health considerably.

The FMAT, initially, is accompanied by a web portal where you will find a library with free exercises and another much larger one if you take out an annual subscription. It also aims to create a community of users and a portal for football coaches and clubs.

Our team

We work using innovative methodologies, optimizing the qualities of each one to be able to offer you the best possible product😊!


Jordi Garcia

Ideologist of FUNTRASYS, entrepreneur of other companies such as Xtreme Fusion or Tecnyfish and football coach

David Batalla

Graduated in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (CAFE) as well as Graduated in Sport Management

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We think big, we start small!

  • June 2023

    Birth of the project and creation of the MVP.
  • September 2023

    Consolidation of the founding team.
  • October 2023

    Completion of user surveys.
  • January 2024

    New Branding.

  • February 2024

    - Incorporation as a member of Barcelona Sports Hub
    - Participation in 4YFN
  • April 2024

    Selected for Barcelona Activa's B-STEP incubation program.


Like anyone, we want to improve.
Share your questions or concerns with us!

We are currently performing the final tests of the FMAT before bringing the product to market. Once the tests are finished we will enable an online store.

For now, we have created a Telegram channel to keep you informed, you can access it here. We also have a profile on LinkedIn, you can access it here. Soon we will open other social networks such as YouTube or Instagram.

We are creating a network of football coaches and clubs who are interested in using FMAT as a complementary tool. For more information, contact us using the form or by sending an email to


For any questions contact us through the following form or send us an email to and we will answer you as soon as possible